I have just finished working on a lovely project with an amazing woman from New South Wales.
Although we never met in person I have felt a strong connection with her throughout this project. Of all the stories she has written this one was very important to her and I am so pleased that I was lucky enough to help her create this picture book.

Her name is Helen Snodgrass and she recently lost her battle with breast cancer shortly before her 59th birthday.

"As a clinical nurse consultant in oncology she treated patients, counselled families, trained staff, improved processes and made valuable contributions to nursing association and government committees for over 20 years.
Helen found a special place in the hearts of everyone who knew her and was a skilled 'baby whisperer'."
Her devoted, long-term partner, Vaughan.

I'm in contact with Vaughan, another special person I have met (virtually) through this project and we will be looking into the possibility of having Helen's story published in the future.
In the meantime here of some pages from the book Memories for Nan's Coffin.



  1. Hi Sara, this is a really important piece of work. Helping children to cope with bereavement can be one of the hardest things anyone can face. Helping Helen to do this through her words and your illustrations is just amazing. It could be just the thing parents and professionals are waiting for the world over. Current publications are few and far between and have been around for some years. A modern approach is long over due. Thoughts are with Helen's family too.


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